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Welcome! We are looking forward to having you as an exclusive member of CHALK. Please complete your purchase below.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly via WhatsApp on (+44) 0203 026 8532 or email

Personal Training Sessions (unlimited) - book unlimited personal training sessions, lasting 45 minutes with a maximum of 8 members per session. Sessions are half strength based and half HIIT focussed, running 7 days a week, every hour from open to close. No booking cancellation charges. 

Yoga & Pilates Classes (unlimited) - book unlimited yoga and pilates classes, lasting 60 minutes with a maximum of 8 members per session. Classes run every hour from open to close. No booking cancellation charges. 

Chair Massages (unlimited) - book unlimited head, neck & shoulder massages, lasting 15 minute. Massage therapists listen to your preferences and problem areas. Appointments run weekdays from 12pm to close. No booking cancellation charges. 

Talking Therapies (unlimited)book a session with a Health Psychologist, lasting 45 minutes. These confidential talking therapy sessions are led by the professional, contact us for more information. Appointments run one full day a month. No booking cancellation charges. 

Networking Events - book a complimentary space onto our monthly networking events. 

Freeze Membership - pause your membership at anytime for up to 4 weeks per annum, this time will be added to your membership.

Sign-in Guests - members can sign in guests for up to 4 visits per month. Members can have their guests  join services with them, based on availability. 

Takin Therapies
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