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Welcome to CHALK!

CHALK W1 was founded to create a community of members that all have the mutual objective to feel better than yesterday, whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. 

We exist to help you stay consistent, chalk up good activity or choices and chalk off bad days to move forwards. 

CHALK W1 gives you, flexibility. A single payment, with no joining fees.

At CHALK we do things differently, we fit around your lives, so we run services hourly, so you have the variety and quality that you need, with no session cancellation fees, so you can join and reschedule whatever you wish to. 

The team are pretty awesome too!

Single Session Offer

50% off

Now £12.50


Choose from:

Group Personal Training

Yoga or pilates practices

Chair Massage

Meditation & more...

Intro offer


for 30 days access to CHALK 

No contract, no comittment 

Unlimited group PT, yoga, meditation & pilates classes

2 chair massages

One off payment

No session cancellation charges

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